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Questions & Answers


How do I get relevant content?
  • using a journal to keep ideas in.
  • using Pocket to store websites in when you see good ideas.
  • using Feedly to have blog posts sent to your dashboard to review based on keywords and your favourite source material.
What to post?

Testimonials, FAQ's. Don't have FAQ's then go to your inbox or recall any question has asked you. Start writing all these down. Post relevant content that suits your brand from other sources eg: quotes. Post blog posts.

Yung suggested we post positive content about the Mountains and also check-in and tag people at our favourite locations. 

Yung was referring to my #buyblue solution that can be found here.

Instead of spending an extra $20 on yourself re: lovelocal why not add value and gamify it like I did with my buyblue solution. 

If you don't want to do that why not (just thought of this now) ask your favourite cafe of they do "pay it Forward" and then gift the $20 to them and have them give people who may not be in a good financial position to have a free coffee or meal or both.

Can I repeat my posts on social media?

It's OK to repeat your posts on Facebook but not so much in Instagram.

When posting to several platforms, should I stagger the posts?

Don't post the same content at the same time to all platforms. Stagger the posts.

When should I post?

Timing of posts, AM or PM. I promised to locate some articles on this. I personally don't worry as the systems I use analyse my audience and tell me but if you look at Facebook Insights, you can tell when your audience is most active.

How many hashtags do I use on Facebook vs Instagram?

Around about 5 on Facebook and up t0 30 on Instagram. It's a good idea to place the hashtags at the bottom of your post on Facebook for aesthetics and the hashtags in the comments of your Instagram post.

Why blog?

It was discussed that sharing blogs is a good thing. The discussion moved to why you should blog. 

We'll be discussing this topic more when that comes around, but the question was asked. I helps with SEO (the keywords you use) (Diane). Brings extra traffic and helps give you Authority in your industry.

My clients are mostly medium size, should I add Facebook to my Social Media?

The answer is yes. If you clients and client niche/future clients require similar problems solved then yes. With FB page you can also do FB Ads if you choose to.
Think about the value you can offer those businesses and remember they have staff as well. Are their staff of these businesses looking for solutions too? (Caro)
From Debra: it's pointless to post, blog etc without a clear idea of the outcomes you want for the content. The content then should also be driven by your vision of your brand. What's your message and purpose. Then you have a clearer idea of what to post. Your content then has better consistency.

What can I keep re-posting to Social Media?

Deb: With blogging as well, if you have evergreen content you can keep re-posting that to social media over and over. Don't just post it once. You existing fans may not see it and new fans won't either.
When posting/writing a blog you need to have a plan on how you will convert the reader to a customer.

What about Facebook Live?

Caro: Facebook Live is something to consider as people like to see video and raw live content.


How to Schedule posts on Facebook?
Facebook - How to schedule your Facebook Page Posts
Watch Video (02:53)
Video powered by Dubb

How to post to Facebook from Instagram?

Video coming soon

Whether to have a Facebook Page vs Profile for Business?

It's illegal to run a Facebook Profile for your business. If you get caught by Facebook they may delete it or transtion it to a Page. There are so many limitations if you try this. No advertising options. You limit your followers. It's just not meant for a Business.
The conversation then let into talking about what business content to you share to your Profile. Debra suggested you probably shouldn't but the WHY is around is your Personal Profile part of your brand? Do you really want to show corporate or salesly things to friends and family?

How to share Facebook Posts
Facebook - How to Share your Facebook Page Posts
Watch Video (03:37)
Video powered by Dubb


How do I schedule posting on Instagram?

How it's a hassle to schedule posting on Instagram but there are tools to help with that eg: Planoly (suggested by Cindy Reid).


How to get more traffic to my business Profile on Linkedin?

Post more relevant and original content as a post. Take a blog post you have written and create a summary of it and post that and link back to your website is one way.


What should I do with YouTube?

We discussed learning more about using YouTube. Stay tuned for that. We may have something very exciting to share with you around that.

Tools & Resources

Daniel Doherty

For scheduling to multiple social platforms I use PromoRepublic.

For locating content headlines and what to talk about try Answer The Public.

To find great kinds of topics, try Buzzsumo to see what kind of content is being shared a lot!

Using hints from Buzzsumo, write your own headlines and enter them below to either or both and gauge the quality of the headline. After all you want people to click on your post, article etc.
CoSchedule Headline Analyser and
AMI Institute.

MerlinFX: We build easy to use websites. Our process shows you how to become an authority in your industry without needing special skills.

Caro Ryan

Problogger is a great site for blogging ideas.

SmarterQueue as a social media scheduling tool.

Scriptly: Create sales scripts.

Tagomatic helps you increase the number of Instagram followers and likes on your pictures. Enter a single word and Tagomatic will search among the most trending hashtag and choose the better ones related to yours. Tagomatic searches hashtags in real time while other app take the results from a static list.

Viral Cheat Sheet for social posts.

Lot's of Fresh Air is all about the ‘how to’ of having adventures in the great outdoors, mixed with a bunch of inspiration and a bucket-load of encouragement to help you say ‘yes’ to adventure.

Hiking and bushwalking totally changed my life and I’m passionate about helping others connect with nature in meaningful, active (and fun!) ways.

Debra Wylde

Debra mentioned a valid point. The pre-cursor to promoting your brand on the digital platforms, (your website, social media etc.) is to ensure that your messaging is in alignment with your soul.

Alignment is the difference between 'thinking' your way to success and 'experiencing' success come through you.

What if it isn't about how hard your work but what your thinking and feeling? And what if you took the time to shift your thoughts into more positive, higher vibrations that then allows you to 'attract' customers and clients who are already willing to engage your services prior to crafting a clever marketing message?

Think Oprah, Richard Branson, Russell Brunson, Lady Gaga...what do they all have in common apart from massive success? The answer is so simple and the process doesn't have to take years.

Ruby Spur: If you'd like to discover more about 'how to align with your brand at the deepest level for greater success with less effort' feel free to contact me.

PS: Don't waste time or money going online without being in alignment - it can be a very bitter experience. How do I know, because I've been there.

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