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Our featured topic for March 2020 is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

Join the conversation online in the Facebook Group. Ask questions, provide insights. Also if Facebook is not your thing, join us for breakfast or evening drinks and we discuss this topic. Feel free to bring your notes with you. 

If you can place on PostIt Notes so we can easily collate them and get everything answered efficiently. 

Don’t think you are limited to just discussing this topic any other month? Click the buttons above and engage anytime you would like.

This page is a summary of the conversation online and offline and is updated with valuable information from time to time. 

Questions & Answers


How do keyword phrases work in WordPress?

Key phrase describes a keyword that is made up from more than one word. So it works the same way as using one Keyword. Just be sure to use the Keyword Phrase in your titles, introductions etc. 

Are there any big DON'Ts in SEO?

You'll here about things like keyword stuffing or copy loading. Caro gave a good example of what this meant. 

Keyword stuffing is the over use of a keyword and/or a keyword phrase in your copy. When you read it, it almost sounds corny. 

The Google algorithm is smarter than you think and is getting more clever by the day. Try to write for humans first. 

What is the best way to do keyword research?

Using Neil Patels' Uber Suggest

Find out what keywords people are using to find you. You might be surprised. 

Got a competitor dominating search results? Put in their website and see what results for keywords come back as.

I work from home and don't want people to know where I live.

You do not have to give your home address to Google MyBusiness to get listed. But be sure to add in the suburbs or locations you service.

I don't offer products, my business is service based.

That's OK. You can still have a service as a Google My Business page.

Business Drinks is more of a service and we set up a GMB page.

Google MyBusiness

What is the best SEO I can do now for my business?

Without a website or social pages, getting, claiming or updating your Google MyBusiness section (known as a knowledge panel) is crucial. 

Things you can do on a GMB page: 

  • Upload logo and photos
  • Upload videos
  • Update operational hours
  • Update contact details and business category
  • Post news and events
  • Tag your business services
  • Include (or not) your business address
  • Include areas you service and much more

NOTE: Google may have already created your profile for your Google MyBusiness page. All you have to do is claim it. There will be a link on it that says "Is this your business?" Click it and follow the prompts. For your business, not anyone elses.


Quality over quantity

When creating content to help your ranking, making the content helpful and lead with providing value first. 

Steve brought up a huge point, what keywords are your customers using to find you? 

By using Uber Suggest, you can enter your website, your competitors website and see the keywords they are using to find you. 

Then be sure to use those keywords in your blog posts, titles, meta descriptions etc. 

James Robinson, from Day Trip Tours Blue Mountains, actually used Googles' Keyword Manager (but you need an Adwords account to use) to locate the keywords people are using in order to name his business. 

Google loves to index their own properties

By this we mean Google loves it if you are listed within their online properties like: Google Maps, Google MyBusiness, YouTube. 

Always check what you have on your Google MyBusiness page

When customers are looking for you and you seeing your open times, and they rock up to your business and you are closed! You're not likely to see them again. Worse they will leave a bad review and tell their friends. 

GMB is great in that it often will prompt you around holidays seasons as to whether you need to update your operating times. Clever! 

If you are taking a break, let Google know means you are letting your customers know. 

The Challenge

It was clear from the discussion and Stevens’ insights that every business should have, claim or update their Google My Business account. 

The first of our new CHALLENGE series is, this month is to set up or claim and  optimise your Google My Business account. 

At the end of the month we are going to encourage you to share and get some free promotion and publish your GMB pages for us to the Facebook Group. 

To get your GMB Share link. Go to Info > Share Business Link and a pop up will appear with your link. 

Save this for later somewhere to send to people who are coming to visit you and/or post in Facebook for our end of the month Challenge.

Tools & Resources

Daniel Doherty

During the introduction it was ascertained that most people were using WordPress and about half were using some kind of SEO plugin. 

I recommended SEOpress Pro over Yoast mainly due to pricing, features and the handling of a bug in their software a couple of years ago. For such a big company, with so many users, lots of businesses affected and the expensive nature of their plugin, it could have been handled better.

MerlinFX: We build easy to use websites. Our process shows you how to become an authority in your industry without needing special skills.

Google My Business was clearly the main discussion point and we're going to initiate a challenge around this. 

If I can offer one tip, is to encourage current and past clients to leave you a review on Google MyBusiness. 

Steve Krinks

Uber Suggest - Want more traffic? Ubersuggest shows you how to win the game of SEO. Just type in a domain or a keyword to get started.

Good intro guide to Google My Business

Steve and his family left Sydney 10 years ago, leaving behind the stresses of corporate life, Sydney traffic and property prices, and settled into a Katoomba cottage with a chook run, backyard orchard and a home office with a view.

He now runs the web consultancy Well Optimised, helping SME’s get found online, engage with their target audience and convert them into profitable, recurring customers.

Steve is passionate about helping other small businesses make a success of their enterprises with his knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing strategy.

Over his 15 year career in Sydney, Steve accrued traditional and online marketing experience across corporate, agency and small business environments.

His corporate marketing roles included six years as A/V Training Manager at Sony Australia and Retail Marketing Manager at 3 Mobile, and four years as a Product Manager at Audio Products Group, a distributor of specialist A/V products.

On the agency side he was Multimedia Producer at digital agency IOS for two years where he developed online and multimedia solutions for Telstra, Pfizer and Kia among many others.

Facebook | Linkedin

Caro Ryan

Copy Loading / Keyword stuffing. When you use too many or too much of the same keywords in your copy that it almost is ridiculous to read.  Depending on the article and how you use keywords, Google can penalise you for doing so. It's an older shady technique and Google is wise to it. 

Whilst it is important to include your keyword or key-phrase in your title, first paragraph and meta titles and descriptions, over use can have a negative effect on your article. Typically the consensus is write for humans first and search engines too.

Steer clear of people who are possibly using Ninja Outreach, which is a tools used to send hundreds of emails out to potential people that will publish their "guest posts" on your website. 

All they are trying to do is get back links to their website from you. 

Typically too, the articles exist elsewhere too and Google will rank the content lower because it sees the content as duplicate.

Lot's of Fresh Air is all about the ‘how to’ of having adventures in the great outdoors, mixed with a bunch of inspiration and a bucket-load of encouragement to help you say ‘yes’ to adventure.

Hiking and bushwalking totally changed my life and I’m passionate about helping others connect with nature in meaningful, active (and fun!) ways.

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