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Who is the group for and why?

Who is the group for?

Any Blue Mountains based business owner; full time, part-time or retired. 

Got kids? Bring them to our events. 

There is no membership and our events are free to attend. You buy your own food and beverages as required.

We prefer business owners not be MLM or Network Marketing as their core business and no recruiting to your blend of MLM.


This original group was started by Daniel Doherty. A local Blackheath business owner that saw a need to provide frequent informal business event for locals.

It started back in early 2018 and was a monthly event. 

It was suggested that we mix it up with morning events so we added our breakfast events to the mix. 

Making Business Made Social a fortnightly event mainly run in Blackheath. 

Further one off pop-up events were also added like Christmas in July and Wine Tasting.

Daniel has served on numerous boards from the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce for over 8 years (Director, Treasurer, Vice President), ShareCare and Macarthur Business Enterprise Centre. 

Following that he ran ConnectFX with a team of approximately 12 people located in Macarthur for around two years or so. ConnectFX was a business networking group.

Daniel with his partner Cindy have run numerous workshops on social media, content creation and blogging.

With over 20+ years running a business as a web developer and business automation specialist. 

Daniel moved to Blackheath with his partner Cindy mid 2017.

Find out more about Daniel here.

We are Switzerland

You’ll find no politics here. We want to meet local Blue Mountains based business owners. 

There is no sell!

Don’t expect the hard sell nor the need to get up an introduce yourself. Network at your own pace.

Feel inclusive

Blue Mountains businesses cover a rich tapestry of diverse business types. We can all learn from each other.

We Keep It Simple

There’s no membership fees and tiers to belong. You automatically qualify if you run a Blue Mountains based business. 

Fortune Favours the prepared Mind

We Believe In the power of networking to help us all grow

Since the internet has made it easier to run a business from home, we know there are thousands of business owners across the mountains. 

Let’s meet. Learn and Grow our businesses. 

Chances are you will find like-minded people, gain new friends, suppliers and clients. 


Our events are around Blackheath, Megalong Valley and other Upper Blue Mountains locations. See Events. 

What to bring

Bring your business cards not just for exchanging but with our evening events you can win a meat tray from Blackheath Butchery, one of our sponsors.

What to say?

Introduce yourself, it’s very easy going. 


Bring a PostIt note with your question or insight to share with the group for the current monthly topic. One question/idea per note. 

Engage online with latest topic for the month.

Networking Etiquette Tips

Build Your Network​

  • Don’t be the business card ninja! – We all know at least one. Only give your card out if asked. 
  • Don’t Sell – You are there to meet people — that is the entire purpose of the event.
  • Keep your smartphone in your pocket – When you are in the physical presence of other people, they should have your attention. (Unless you are checking in and posting you are at our event!).
  • Follow up within two days – Anyone worthy of your time is also worthy of your expediency. Don’t wait two weeks to follow up and let people know you enjoyed the conversation.
  • Never look at networking as work; if you do, you are in the wrong business. Look at each chance as a great opportunity! These are people you don’t see every day.

we love them

what our Attendees have to say

Meet Our Supporters

They Believe In Us

Businesses that have contributed to our success. 

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